Touch is a creative communication agency based in Brussels.
We help brands maximize their potential and reach beyond their goals.

Like a smooth coffee in the morning, our team develops a blend of creativity and strategy to wake up your brand, spark people’s interest and provide full-flavor performances.

We share a same passion for communication, but our individual skills and ambitions are what makes us stronger. Together, we shape the stories that people will experience, the relationship between your clients and your brand.

We are driven by Business Results, motivated by creativity and moved by user experience.
We are much more than a typical communication agency.
We are hungry for challenges. We are ready to meet you.

We are touch.

Michel Moens.

Partner & CFO

Luk Soers.

Partner & Account Director

Laurent Duffaut.

Partner & Strategic Director

Nicolas Couturier.

Partner & Creative Director

Cédric Ménier.

Head of Echo Studio

Joy Jossart.

Account Manager

Thomas Breda.

Account Manager

Stéphanie de Spirlet.

Account Manager

Manon Coulon.

Account Manager

Julie Pierard.

Account Manager

Kevin Fonou.

Account Executive

Charly Dheulin.

AD & Concept Provider

Alice McLachlan.

Account Executive

Marine Demeure de Lespaul.

Account Executive

Anaïs Altherr.

Account Executive

Pauline De Marcken.

Account Executive

Marie Nepper.

Social Media Strategist

Thomas de Laminne.

Social Paid Expert

Julien Ivens.

Motion Designer

Hélène Vanderbrecht.

Senior Graphic Designer

Jérôme Sibenaler.

Senior Graphic Designer

Ludovic Sif.

Graphic Designer

Florence Hulot.

Graphic Designer

Denis Decroix.

Graphic Designer

Fabio Cipriano.

Senior Copywriter